Upload Max File Size



  • In the admin panel under plugins page, click Add New
  • go to Upload tab
  • browse “upload_max_file_size” and click install now
  • Click Active plugin
  • Increase File size size by click on Max File Size menu on the left hand side
  • Click on max_file_size and then enter the value in bytes Like: 262144000 bytes or 262144000 (You can Enter more value how much you want)
  • Example:(Like: 262144000 bytes = 250MB)
  • Enjoy!


  • Extract zip file to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  • In the admin panel under plugins, activate “upload_max_file_size”.
  • Enjoy!

If you are having problem after installing this plugin then read the answer below:-
if you are getting wordpress error like HTTP error then after go in our plugin help folder and copy the all file from help folder and paste on your project root directory.Then after you can wait almost 2 to 3 days for updating this file on your server.it may be update within 3 days …

The given solution is not for localhost ..If you are using my plugin on local host then you can go in php.ini file in your local server and change the upload max file size with also post size….
Note:The HTTP error is common error this is comming from wordpress.So our plugin is working fine .I have given you the solution of error….


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