Magento-Maximum Execution Time

When installing using the installation wizard on PC (in XAMPP, WAMP or similar LAMP environment), after submitting the third screen where you enter the database information, you get a timeout error from Apache.


At this point Magento is creating its initial database. Since that database has over 300 tables in it, this process can take a long time. In fact, depending on your PC, this step can take 10 or more minutes to complete. The only way to get this this step to complete is to change php’s timeout and the memory settings.

To do this, edit the php.ini file (look in the php directory in the WAMP/XAMPP install directory) and change the following values:


Make sure to restart Apache after changing these values.


Sometimes things just go wrong. Relax, don’t bang your head against a flawed install. If something mysterious happens, the first thing to try is to just delete the install and start over.  You don’t have anything invested in it yet, so give Magento a second chance and start fresh.

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