HTML Layout – Using Tables

One very common practice with HTML, is to use HTML tables to format the layout of an HTML page. A part of this page is formatted with two
columns. As you can see on this page, there is a left column and a right column. This text is displayed in the left column.
An HTML <table> is used to divide a part of this Web page into two columns. The trick is to use a table without borders, and maybe a little extra cell-padding. No matter how much text you add to this page, it will stay inside its column borders.
Try It Out!
Let’s put everything you’ve learned together to create a simple page. Open your text editor and type
the following text:

Save your page as mytable2.html and view it in your browser

Create Your Own Page
It’s time to create your own page. Use your text editor to create a page which contains the following:
• the required HTML page codes
• link to another web page
• an email link
• a picture/graphic
• a list of information
Save the file as xyhtml_basics.html where xy is your initials.


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