After Installation Can’t Login Admin in Magento

So you ran through the whole Magento installation. You can get to the front end homepage, but when you click on the link to go to the backend, you cannot login using the admin account you created.

This can happen for a couple of reasons, neither are really Magneto related. They are due to browser limitations or a server misconfiguration.


If you are using the Firefox browser, it has a problem setting cookies on domain names that do not have a “.” in them. Unfortunately for this one, you’ll have to delete your installation and start over. Choose one of these options:

  1. Add a fake domain entry (like “    computer.local”) to your computer’s local hosts file;
  2. Install using the IP address for your computer; OR
  3. Use the localhost IP address –;
  4. And start the installation over.

Note: Of course if you’re handy with phpMyAdmin, you could just go and edit the core_config_data table and change the base_url entries to, but editing the Magneto database directly is only for the brave.


Check that the date and time are set correctly on your Magento server.  If the server is out of sync with the real time by several hours, then the login cookie sent to your browser may be expired before you even get to use it.  Have your system admin check and correct the time on your server

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